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Who Writes These Essays? 
100% of our essays are created by professional researchers and writers who currently do nothing else for a living other than helping students succeed. Many of our contractors have experience working as teachers, as tutors, and as editors. A few of our writers have even authored and co-authored published textbooks! Most importantly, however, is the fact that each member of our veteran list of researchers has already created hundreds.. if not thousands of essays on virtually every major academic topic imaginable!!! It goes without saying that anyone who has years of experience...writing THAT many essays.. is both knowledgeable ..and capable.  Do you personally know ANYONE who has written 50,000+ essays? If not, then you don't know ANYONE as good as us!!!...

How Much Is Custom Work? 

Custom essay work is only 19.95 per page with a free bibliography! Essay Finder's low minimum rests at only 5 pages per topic--and there is no maximum set for the number of pages a student can request. Best of all, our researchers charge only for the number of pages ordered. Thus, if you ask for a 10 page essay...and we produce 12... you're still charged only for the 10 pages you originally requested! Small rush fees do apply for essays needed in 3 days or less. All rates are itemized on our custom order form with various rush options detailed. Essay Finder is truly a student-orientated service..with the typical student budget in mind!  

What If I'm Not Satisfied With The Essay Provided? 
Not only does Essay Finder guarantee the completion date of our initial draft, we also stand behind all of our work and guarantee that it will match the specific research instructions you set forth at the time of your order, or we'll revise it for you at no additional charge! Of course, Essay Finder is committed to maintaining a no refund policy on all custom research since the mere creation of an essay is a laborious and time consuming task. But more importantly, we pledge to  swiftly correct any failure on the part of our researcher to match the instructions you provide. Look around our site.. See how many essays we've already written... our experience speaks for itself.. and our warranty backs it up!!!

How Do You Obtain Your Sources?
Essay Finder's contracted researchers work from locations all over the United States and in parts of Europe as well. Each essay creator has access to at least one or more university libraries and to several password-protected Internet databases filled with millions of scholarly articles, books, and journals. By combining our dozens of libraries with standard Internet sources and then factoring in our privileged access to special online databases, Essay Finder truly has doorways to a greater wealth of information than the Internet itself. 

Can I Request That Specific Sources Be Used?  

The answer to this question varies from essay to essay. Obviously, if you're studying a classic work of literature such as Shakespeare's Hamlet, the primary source is going to be the play itself..and we are obliged to use it! But if you're researching a particular topic, and you have a list of secondary sources you've found on your own...we'll note those sources as being recommended..but will not guarantee their use. For one thing, it is important to remember that there are trillions of sources in existence and every library in every city, state, province, and country-- has its own unique collection of documents. It is even more important to remember that you will be hiring Essay Finder to perform research for you-- and not simply to rehash sources you've already found on your own. Just as you wouldn't bring your own, uncooked food with you to a prestigious restaurant, you really wouldn't want to bring your own, already obtained research sources to Essay Finder. The smartest way to use Essay Finder is to combine your own sources with our sources and then to use that combination to write your own great essay!..

Can I Request Copies Of The Sources You Use?
Yes! On our custom essay order form, you'll find the option clearly marked to request copies of the articles we use. These can be sent to you via email or Federal Express along with the essay we create. Remember, you will still be responsible for citing Essay Finder as a source--but if you also have copies of our sources..and if you obtain your own ideas by reviewing them.. you may then.. also cite those same books & articles in our own essay. Students purchasing essay examples should note that it is to their advantage to request copies of our sources at the time their order is we cannot guarantee easy access to every source we've used..after our essay has already been written and sent.

How Can I Use Your Essay To Help Me Write My Own?
Ever suffered from complete writer's block? Ever been totally lost trying to find information in the library or online? Essay Finder unlocks the doors to locating research, to citing sources, and to literary free flow.  Our globally published examples come rich with scholarly sources, original ideas, and unique....fresh perspectives on commonly studied academic topics. Learning by example is one of the most widely recognized methods of self instruction and effective tutoring. Use our model essays to help you write your own! Students who are unsure about how to cite Essay Finder in their bibliographies or about whether or not they can use outside research services as sources, should check with their professors before placing an order here...



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